Pastors Howard and Karen Jackson “Start with what you know  and finish with what God  knows.” ~Pastor Howard  Please feel free to submit a Prayer  Request and we will be sure to lift it up  in prayer. OFCC's service starts at 4PM with Corporate Prayer; the unity in  corporate prayer has allowed God's power to search out to the ones  being lifted up, in order for them to receive their request. OFCC has  many testimonies to share concerning answered corporate prayer. We have a teaching from God's Word, followed by Praise and Worship,  and concluding with personal prayer. During personal prayer, you are  invited to come forward for God to answer your prayer request for  salvation, spiritual, emotional, physical healing, word of  encouragement, or whatever your need may be. Jesus is there to  fulfill your need.   God Bless You! Welcome Copyright © 2012. Our Fellowship Christian Church. All rights reserved. 6925 Cook Road Houston, TX 77072